Monday, February 11, 2008

Cantenna WiFi Booster

Good Day Gerald
We have used the Cantenna WiFi Booster with great success. It is very simple to use. Their web site is very helpful. You will need the Canntenna (we got the super Cantenna, comes with a long extension) and a card to plug into your laptop. We are on a Mac so we got the Hawkins USB card but it depends on what system you are on and what kind of card slot your computer has. Here is their web site.

This Cantenna works just by pointing it in the direction of the WiFi antenna. It comes with a little tabletop tripod but we use our camera tripod with adjustable legs that we can stand on the floor by the window. It comes with easy to install software that shows what WiFi hotspots are in the area. Pick one, then click connect. It really is that simple. At one RV Park we were at if they parked a tall, big rig in between us and the WiFi antenna we could not connect but other than that our Cantenna has worked great.

Bobby Murray
Editor & Geek

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

RV Travel - Video Articles & Blogs

We have added this feature to our new web site,, as a way for you to communicate with us your opinions, story suggestions, and ask questions as well as to share your own RV travel experiences. We hope that the stories and videos we present will "Entertain, Inform & Delight" you. Happy travels and remember "It's all about the journey."

Barry & Bobby Murray